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2017 & 2018 


Alaric and I toured Pakistan over 3 years, 2016, 2017 and 2018, in which time we shared the preaching and the ministry.  

We visited Karachi, Shekalbourgh, Faisalbad and Lahore, as well as many outlying villages.  In this time hundreds came to know Jesus, and were added to the church as disciples.  Hundreds were healed of diseases like yellow fever, dehydration, and tuberculosis.  The blind were caused to see, and paralised were suddenly able to move and walk.  Marriages were healed and many prayed for the ability to have children.    


Teaching them to be ministers of reconciliation, and that all are leaders, we have had the joy of seeing many grow in their ministry by our encouragement.

The previous year, 2016, included Rawalpindi, where we had up to 90 students, but funds dried up to enable continuity of it.

Sadly, we encountered many brick kiln children who were held captive in bondage to slavery, and many still are, who John is going back to help in 2023.  We need the power of God to release them from the bondage. Amen.

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