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supernatural school of ministry 
Nov 8-10, 2018

Ask the Lord of the harvest


to send out workers into his harvest field.

Mathew 9:38

This is what the supernatural school of ministry will cover:

Our burden is to help to guide you to accomplish, and develop, your call through the suppernatural power of God.  When you enter this school you will be activated, taught, trained, equipped, and sent out to fulfil your purpose.

The teaching will be simplified and where possible you will be given personal support from some of our leadership team.

Our modules are not based simply on transference of knowledge, but rather, in each teaching you will have an experience, in the moment, with the living God.

What you can expect from the school through revelation and confirmation by the Holy Spirit to exercise authority in your calling:

EMPOWERMENT through the laying of hands, and prophetic words that activate the gifts.


VISION TOOLS to guide you

TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE will take place which will produce and place a demand for change in our lives.  As a result, we are transformed from glory to glory.

UNITY of the Body of Christ will take place.


  1. Apostolic Mandate with full understanding;

  2. Identifying your spiritual territory;

  3. How to exercise spiritual authority;

  4. How to close the spiritual gates of your past;

  5. How to deal with spiritual attacks;

  6. Your authority to minister to people;

  7. How you are authorised to do the works of Jesus;

  8. How you are anointed to the gifts of the spirit;

  9. How the gifts work together;

  10. Believers' reponsibilities concerning the gifts;

  11. How to activate the gifts of the spirit;

  12. Three ways of supernatural operation;

  13. How miracles are released;

  14. How to hear the voice of God;

  15. Why some people struggle to receive;

  16. Gifts of healings;

  17. Deliverance and healing - apostolic anointing and ministry;

  18. How demons enter and oppress people;

  19. Jesus' Ministry of deliverance;

  20. Breaking bondages - the reality of bondages, casting out spirits & how to cast out spirits

  21. Healing the wounded heart - supported by Eileen Bore

  22. What we believe impacts our relationships;

  23. How ungodly beliefs open the doors to demons;

  24. Ministering to people - how Jesus ministered & guidelines in ministering to people;

  25. House cleansing - the clean house

The seven dispensations

1.  Dispensation of Innocence

2.  Dispensation of Conscience

3.  Dispensation of Human Government

4.  Dispensation of Promise

5.  Dispensation of Law

6.  Dispensation of Grace

7.  The Millennial Kingdom of Christ


1.  What type of influence are we offering those who follow us?

2.  Building a winning mindset

3.  You can tell where a person will end up by watching their daily habits and priorities

4.  How to increase your level of effectiveness

5.  The four phases of leadership growth

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