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Mwanza conference

14-18 september 2019

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Testimonies Received

We really thank God for using you in a mighty way pouring into our lives.Already from many regional reports .There is a work on going with the amazing results.

Intersession teams and Discipleship Making Movements, Discovery Bible Studies and Prayer teams  set up in each schools,communities and churches intending to unite the Body of Christ. Follow up programs to all members who attended and even those who didn't make it,as we grow our fellowship in the next 3months.


We want pray and seek God as one nation,His amazing results and fruit be revealed the hearts Kenya,Africa and The World as a family. Prayer and Intercession is our Key when the disciples prayed together and the Holy Spirit descended on them (Acts 2:1-4). They immediately began to preach with boldness about Jesus Christ to Jewish people from all over the world who had come to Jerusalem (Acts 2:5-12) for the Feast of Shavuot. For Christians  not only commemorates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit but also marks the birth of the 
Christian Church.


Tanzania Conference Fire started the Great work of United transformation By coming together we know has God bestowed upon us a mission to unite, connect, pray, move and honour the body of Christ together. The body is a unit, as Paul says in in 1 Cor 11-13: “All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, who apportions them to each one as He determines. The body is a unit, though it is comprised of many parts. And although its parts are many, they all form one body. So it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether 
Jews or Greeks, slave or free, and we were all given one Spirit to drink.…” 


We believe that Christ Fire International is God’s awakening in Kenya Africa and the whole world. Since the Tanzania Training we have seen tremendous breakthrough; It is a true 
awakening to revive Africa in unity. The next Six MonthIN rotational prayers and discipleship workshops, we are standing on the gap and It is a perfect time for  us envisioning Christians of all denominations to focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in their individual lives and in their worshipping 


Its our task help leaders from all denominations serve together in one accord ,UNITY   is  very significant. Will form a What's up Group for Kenya all Leaders ,pastors and Bishops for joint,networking ,communication and prayers meeting and discussion platform.

We are praying ,Students Prayers network is on ,tens of thousands are lifting you to God each single minute.


Rev.Dancun and The Team

Christ Fire International Kenya

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